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As I start to plan for the re opening of the Studio following Covid, I wanted to start a new project that showcased something our children are passion about - their stuffy! It follows us everywhere, provides the ultimate comfort, and is something we generally speak about for years to follow. So I thought, why not make it a piece of art? After years of snuggles and being dragged around the house, it is full of character and uniquely theirs.

When I re decorated my sons room, we had a few HomeSense nursery photos that were so cute but really had no meaning to us or my son. As soon as I printed this photo of his beloved raccoon, his eyes lit up and he was so excited to wake up to this everyday. I'm sure your child will feel the same way to see their favourite item on their wall!

These images can be captured in a short amount of time and provide you with a great conversation piece for your home gallery then stored in their memory box. Let's be real, we don't really want to keep these stuffies to collect dust and pass on when, a photograph is the perfect way to remember them.

I cannot wait to photograph your children and meet their #mystuffyproject furry, matted, discoloured, and cherished creatures!


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